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Privacy Policy – Securinvest Financial Group
This Privacy Policy document covers:

  • Why we collect and use personal information.
  • What personal information we collect.
  • Cookies and other web technologies we use.
  • Accessing and updating personal information.
  • Who we share personal information with.
  • Disclosure of personal information overseas.
  • How we protect personal information.
  • Complaints about privacy.
  • Which entities the policy applies to.

Download a copy of our Privacy Policy.

Complaints Policy – Securinvest Financial Planners
This Complaints Policy document covers:

  • How you can make a complaint about our financial advice service.
  • How we will deal with your complaint.
  • How and when we will communicate with you about your complaint.
  • Your right to lodge a complaint with AFCA.

Download a copy of our Complaints Policy.

Terms of Engagement – Business Advisory and Taxation Services
This Terms of Engagement document covers:

  • Period of Engagement.
  • Privacy Act.
  • Responsibilities and Review.
  • Electronic Communication.
  • Ownership of Documents.
  • Outsourced Services and Storage of Personal Information.
  • Your Disclosure and Record Keeping Obligations.
  • Conflict of Interest.
  • Your Rights and Obligations under the Taxation Laws.
  • Our Obligation to Comply with The Law.
  • The Self-Assessment System.
  • Limitation of Liability.
  • Involvement of Others and Disbursements.
  • Payment Terms.

Download a copy of our Terms of Engagement.

Last Update: 18/04/2024